28th march 2018

Visiting Ravenna you understand where our civilization comes from 
Led by Cinzia with competence, professionalism and courtesy we enjoyed full advantage of this wonderful city. Her comprehensive and punctual explanations have relocated to the historical and cultural context what we have seen, allowing us to appreciate, and especially to understand the hidden symbolism in all the sights and in their content. The individual details of the mosaics of San Vitale, the Mausoleum of Galla Placida, or even the Neoniano gained a new light, allowing us to grasp the overall beauty of each work as a set of other smaller masterpieces. This vision of details and at the same time, the overview wouldn’t be the same without Cinzia and her ability to convey and transfer her knowledge. In conclusion, thanks to Cinzia for turning the history and art studied at various school phases in an unforgettable educational and present experience.