A full-day in Ravenna Tour

Come to Ravenna! If you have never been in Ravenna, I suggest a full-day guided tour for a complete visit of this beautiful town! My town!
6 hours tour and lunch break which includes UNESCO monuments situated in the city centre. A walking tour in the magic atmosphere of Ravenna, mosaic of art and culture that cherishes ancient World Heritage Treasures.

Ravenna is a friendly and hospitable city close to the sea and also to natural landscapes.

Ravenna World Heritage Site

6 hours will give you the chance to discover Ravenna and its wonderful corners together with the monuments declared by Unesco World Heritage:  the best examples of the unique Early-Christian and Byzantine mosaics such as basilica of S. Vitale (half VI cent.) and its wonderful panels showing the Emperor Justinian with his fascinating  wife Theodora. From the richness of the garments, her jewels, her diadem and decoration of the materials used we can deduce the splendour of the byzantine court.

It took about 22 years to complete the building which started under the reign of the Goths  and was finished under that of Byzantines  who had conquered Ravenna in the year 540. Unfortunately we do not know the name of the architect of this amazing basilica. He was certainly a great artist and a man of a daring technical thought!


The mausoleum of Galla Placidia in Ravenna

unetta_galla_placidia_ravennaMausoleum of Galla Placidia
(beg. V cent.), a powerful building commissioned by the Roman  Empress of the Western Roman Empire. On entering you will be impressed by the magnificence of the decorations and of the mosaic scenes and especially by the unreal atmosphere in which you find yourselves.

In the sarcophafus in front of the entrance, according to the tradition, Galla Placidia should rest but this is improbable. In it there was  an unidentified body sitting  on a cypress throne. The body was visible through a hole of about 20 centimetres placed on the back of the sarcophagus. In 1577 some boys throwing some candles into it burnt the body!! The hole was closed with plaster and then with Greek marble. On the back you can still see the visible traces.

The astonishing starry sky in the dome inspired many international artists for their works; Cole Porter wrote his unforgettable song Night and Day after visiting this monument !!

Afternoon: Visit to the Cathedral, Baptistery and church of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo

Neoniano Baptistery (beg. V cent.) the catholic baptistery equally decorated by wonderful mosaics, stuccos and inlays of polychrome marbles.
battistero_neoniano_ravennaBasilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo which was the private chapel of the Ostrogoths King Theoderic showing the unforgettable processions of the virgins and martyrs dating back to the byzantine period.
All these marvels are situated in the city centre – walking and pedestrian area. During our walk you’ll have also the chance to visit a mosaic workshop  and have a break for a good coffee in the main square called Piazza del Popolo.

Don’t miss to to visit also the the Tomb of the poet Dante Alighieri,  the father of the Italian language and the author of the Divine Comedy which represents his masterpiece.

He spent in Ravenna his last three years of his life and he died here in 1321. Near his tomb the church of Saint Francis where his funerals were celebrated.

The Archiepiscopal Museum
housing the renowned 6th century ivory throne and the mosaic of the Virgin in a praying position, the Chapel of Saint Andrew showing Christ warrior (end V-beg. VI cent.), the King Theodoric’s Arian Baptistery (early 6th century) ancient building from the Ostrogoth time.


Admission ticket to the UNESCO monuments of the city center is €8.50 per person.
Children up to 10 years: free admission to the monuments

From March 1st till June 15th, the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia is NOT included in the €8.50 ticket. Additional entrance fee of €2. During this period it is necessary to book the visit at the Mausoleum.

Extra for coffee break or lunch/dinner.