Romantic Brisighella

The ancient medieval village of Brisighella has received numerous awards: it has been called one of the most beautiful villages of Italy, slow city. For its architectural beauty and quality of life it has been honored with the orange flag by the Italian Touring Club. That’s why I decided to arrange a tour to discover this wonderful town!

Brisighella is located in the lush valley of the River Lamone in the regional park of the Romagna Gypsum Vein.

When we arrive nearby we will see its unmistakable profile dominated by three rocky pinnacles. The lush green area of the Park of Remembrance will welcome us on arrival and along Via Roma we will enter immediately in the oldest part of the town characterized by small, winding streets leading into the central area. Here the most important monuments are concentrated: Maghinardo Palace, seat of the town hall, and collegiate church of San Michele Arcangelo of the seventeenth century. Inside we will find a sixteenth century tempera on panels by the artist Marco Palmezzano, from Forlì, depicting the Adoration of the Magi, and a 1618 altarpiece by Guercino representing St. Francis and St. Ludovico.

We will take the most characteristic road of this original medieval town: the ancient “donkey trail” dating from the fourteenth century, so called because it was once traversed by convoys of carts conducted by donkeys going to the gypsum caves. A little further on, secluded, stands the clock tower of the year 1290, it was an important defensive bulwark. We then reach the Venetian and Manfrediana Fortress, splendid example of medieval military art, built by the Lords of Faenza who conquered Brisighella: the Manfredi family. From the fortified complex emerge the ancient “Torricino” and “Torrione  Veneziano” (sec. XVI).

About a km from Brisighella lies the parish church of San Giovanni in Eighth, called “Pieve del Tho”, which is difficult to date because of the lack of reliable sources and the significant alterations throughout the centuries. Likely dates of the building are between VIII-X centuries. The denomination “in eighth” comes from its mileage of the Roman road “Faventia” that connected Faenza with Tuscany. The parish church is an impressive temple in the Romanesque style with three naves which, according to legend, was commissioned by the Roman empress Galla Placidia, daughter of Theodosius, on the remains of a Roman temple dedicated to Jupiter. Over the centuries it was the ecclesiastical seat, both civil and administrative. It is the oldest parish church in the Valley of Lamone and one of the most poignant and best preserved monuments of the area.

Do not miss romantic Brisighella: a summer event dedicated to lovers organized during the month of June: a magical atmosphere takes us back in the spirit and culture of the time, by the light of ancient torches. Experiencing the village by candlelight, surrounded by the natural beauty which is the setting of this unique event!

Brisighella is also a place of feasts: during the month of November, do not miss the feast of the rustic pear and of truffles.

Besides Brisighella also boasts some excellent food and wine, such as the prized “Brisighello D.O.P”, many times award-winning extra virgin olive oil and the excellent Sangiovese and white wines, served with shallots D.O.P. (plant similar to the onion) and the delicious Romagna Mora meats and salami.