About me

cinzia_tittarelli_visita_guidataMy name is Cinzia Tittarelli and I am a qualified Tour Guide and Tour Leader in Ravenna and Emilia Romagna.  I was born in Fabriano (region of Marche)  known also for its water-mark and native land of the famous painter of XIV cent. Gentile da Fabriano.

Since I was a child my great passion was the ancient world  and my strongest wish  was to become a Tour Guide.  I love admiring paintings, frescoes , statues and old palaces in order to know their secret history. I love also classical music opera and ballet.

I live in Ravenna: it is a marvellous city of unparalleled charm . Ravenna has antique origins and a glorious past having been three times the capital of the Western Roman Empire, the Barbarian Kingdom of Teoderico and finally the seat of power to Byzantium in the East. Eight monuments are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and hold the richest heritage of mosaics dating from the fifth and sixth centuries.

My passion is  my job and my job is my passion. Being a Tour Guide is for me a honour and a privilege shared with many italian and foreign tourists who every day visit  my town. Their curiosities and questions are for me a great incentive to discover and investigate something new to tell them.  Would  you like to know which is my greatest satisfaction? When people at the end of the tour tell me: “thank you very much: with you we had the opportunity to see astonishing things!

It was a very  captivating tour and I would like to have in my life another opportunity to come back here again to see other places !

I am not a Tour Guide…I am a Tourism Storyteller

Because I wish to tell you about all the marvels and the history of my beautiful region and its diversified territory. I wish to share with you also the anecdotes and all secrets of unknown places. I will tell you also about the antique recipes of romagnola cuisine.

Reading my blog  you could also have the possibility to learn all this and much more:

You will find my tours reports as well as people comments which I  had the pleasure to meet.

Please book now a guided tour: I am sure you will be fully satisfied and very surprised !!