The “grande bellezza” is back with us….

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The “grande bellezza” is back with us… Let’s not leave her alone!

All UNESCO monuments in Ravenna will finally be open to the public from May 1st as well as all the other sites that characterize the beautiful Byzantine city, that has been a capital city for three times, between the V and the VI sec. d.c.

As last year, it will be essential to follow the rules to face the Covid-19 virus, such as the inevitable ffp2 mask and social distancing, thanks to which we can gain back our most intimate spaces and dedicate ourselves to our deepest passions.

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We will then be able to visit the Basilica of San Vitale, which dates back to the middle of the sixth century when Ravenna, capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, experienced one of the most lavish periods in every respect.

Together with the Basilica of Sant Apollinare in Classe, these two monuments represent the greatest splendour of Byzantine mosaics, recognized by UNESCO as the oldest and best preserved mosaics in the world.

In the church of Sant Apollinare Nuovo, which dates back to the Gothic period and was built by King Theoderic, the magnificent procession of the first twenty-two Saints of Christianity (also mentioned by Dante Alighieri in the Divina Commedia) will attract your gaze, particularly towards the details of their beautiful clothes and their slow journey that proceeds gracefully towards the Throne of the Virgin.

In addition to these monuments, we can also visit the Archbishop’s Museum (Chapel of Sant’Andrea and Ivory Chair), the Neonian Baptistery and the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia.

On the anniversary of the 700 years since the death of the Supreme Poet, I paid particular attention to the reading of the mosaics, taking into account the various quotations and analogies that Dante reports in his most famous work, after he had observed Ravenna’s mosaics before and during his exile in the city.

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As for all cultural sites in this period, reservation is still mandatory, and you must arrange in advance the access time for each monument included in the ticket. In case you booked a tour I will personally purchase the tickets and fix the reservation according to your availability.

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I’ll wait for you in Ravenna, with great joy and enthusiasm, to share with all of you art, culture and all the beautiful things that we really need, now more than ever!

See you soon,


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