Museums reopening in yellow zones

From the 2nd of February all museums from regional direction of Emilia Romagna are ready to open the doors to the public again.


Finally places of cultural interest reopen after more than three months of closure. From the province of Piacenza to Romagna, from the great cities to hilly landscapes, it will be possible to enjoy the surprising cultural heritage once again. Visitors would’ve be able to chose between a wide range of cultural places: from medieval castles of Appennino, to ancient abbeys, from museums to archeological areas, from Byzantines monuments to neoclassical historical abodes. A rare occasion, not to be missed, that will allow to safely enjoy the museums, thanks to appropriate sanitary dispositions among which setting of a limit of reservations.

The only bad news is that, at least for now, the reopening will be, as indicated by the General directions of museums, only in the yellow zones and only during the work days (from Monday to Friday), following modality and hours indicated in the specific institutes websites.


It is anyway a great opportunity to enjoy again the charm of these beloved places, which are able to refresh and lift the spirit, strained by these long months of pandemic.

Monuments, just like all places of art, are food for the soul like I use to say.
Culture and beauty symbolize essential and indispensable goods to deal, with courage and strength, with the many challenges we are called upon to deal with.

These months confirmed us that a museum without visitors risks to become, just like the French poet Alphonse de Lamartine described, a “cemetery of arts”, which is exactly what we have to avoid.


Here the timetable of the many institutes that will reopen to the public in the province of Ravenna.
For modality of access and other information about individual institutes it is possible to check the Regional Museums of Emilia-Romagna website and the relatives social channels.

Battistero of Ariani – Ravenna
From Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 12AM

Basilica of Classe – Ravenna
From Monday to Wednesday, from 1.30PM to 7.30PM, and Thursday and Friday from 8.30AM to 7.30PM (Ticket office closes at 7PM)

National Museum – Ravenna
From Monday to Friday, from 1.45PM to 7.30PM (Ticket office closes at 7PM)

Teodorico’s Palace – Ravenna
Reservation required (free entrance) on every Monday from 8.30AM to 1.30PM.

Teodorico’s mausoleum – Ravenna
From Monday to Wednesday, from 8.30AM to 1.30Pm (Ticket office closes at 1PM)
Thursday and Friday from 8.30AM to 4.30PM (Ticket office closes at 4PM)

Villa Romana of Russi – Ravenna
Wednesday and Friday from 1PM to 6PM

CLICK HERE to verify the reopening in other provinces like Forlì, Cesena, Ferrara and Bologna

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