In this period of forced rest we guides are all focused on thinking about what our professional future will be like, aware of the great upheavals that Covid-19 has brought to the world.
It is imperative that the tourism sector rethinks about a new organisation which will have to take account of these epochal changes in economic, social and cultural terms.

For these reasons I am starting to prepare new guided tours, specifically designed to better address the post-covid tourist recovery. There will always be itineraries for families, which can be combined with wonderful mosaic workshops and during which children can join their studies to the actual visit of the Byzantine mosaics: As usual, everything will be enriched by interesting anecdotes and special stories that will tease the imagination and curiosity of young and old people.

An alternative and new itinerary will be addressed to sporty people, and will involve a bike ride through the historic center of Ravenna that will end up in Classe: we will cross about 7 km of nature and beauty to discover the UNESCO monuments scattered throughout the city, until we get to the wonderful Basilica dedicated to Sant’Apollinare, the first bishop and Patron Saint of Ravenna (there will also be a reduced variation of the itinerary, which will include a bike tour only through the historic center of Ravenna).

Do not forget also the beautiful medieval villages of Brisighella and Bertinoro, known as the “balconies of Romagna”, where you will have the pleasant opportunity to visit the wonderful medieval fortresses and forts located on top of Romagna’s hills: these tours will be readapted too, in order to ensure maximum safety during the visit.

While waiting for the new tours to be published and for the moment when we can finally return to explore the wonders of Emilia Romagna, I invite you to take a look at the guided tours already available on the website. Also, if you want to submit some ideas or suggestions for new tours you can always send me an email at cinziatittarelli@libero.it or contact me via social media (you can find them at the bottom of the page).

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