During this time when we are all dealing with the fearsome virus that has literally changed our lives, I thought it might be helpful to provide some simple information and advice to better spend our quarantine, but also to plan our future as soon as the pandemic period is over. If you have been forced to postpone your trip to Ravenna, or simply want to find out more about this wonderful city, here are some simple ways to immerse yourself in the art and culture of this territory, and to discover its rich heritage right from your sofa.

First of all, while waiting to be able to explore Ravenna in person and get in touch with its history and traditions, I propose you a series of very interesting books about this city and the Romagna territory: from the history of Ravenna written by Dario Fo to the memories of great writers who passed through the city, up to the texts written in dialect…

For those interested, in addition, the Ravenna Turismo website offers a series of virtual tours of the city’s main monuments, that will give you a 360º view of the most beautiful and best preserved mosaics in the world. An inestimable cultural heritage that you can virtually enjoy while waiting for better times.
You can access it directly by clicking HERE.


…focus on the details: the lush nature and the beautiful animals depicted remind us of the greatness of creation around us and give us courage and hope for the future.





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