With the beginning of November the now usual appointment with the Autumn Trilogy comes back as the perfect conclusion to the Ravenna Festival. It is by now a well-proven “format” consisting of three different theatrical works that follow each other at a fast pace, night after night for ten days, on the stage of the wonderful theatre entitled to Dante Alighieri in Ravenna. Invention and creativity are the main characteristics of this wonderful trilogy, that every year is richer in meanings and innovations, also thanks to the fantastic team work of an efficient mix of young talents united by solid experience and passion and supported by modern technologies.

This year’s three unpublished productions give body and voice to three legendary female protagonists of the musical opera. The trilogy begins with the belcanto that Vincenzo Bellini expresses in Norma (1831) with all its drama and deep pain related to infanticide, followed by the magnificent 19th-century melodrama of Aida (1871) by Giuseppe Verdi and ends with the irresistible impetuousness of Carmen, the masterpiece of Bizet: three extraordinary and unique women characterized by three different styles and represented in three different moments of the same century. Freedom is the absolute protagonist of these three productions: in its name the three protagonists face the death that will soon appear in their lives bringing with them pain and destruction. They make an ultimate choice facing their own destiny which also jeopardizes faith and love.

In addition to this, the renewed stage of the beautiful Alighieri Theatre in Ravenna adds beauty and harmony to the sophisticated theatrical machine that decomposes and reassembles the scene, completely transforming it  thanks to the invention and creativity of the trilogy’s great interpreters. Between flashes of light, shadows, ghosts and virtual images, you will have the privilege of witnessing three unpublished productions, which together give body and voice to three legendary protagonists of’ the musical opera.


Autumn trilogy
Alighieri Theatre
Created and curated Cristina Mazzavillani Muti

Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini
Luigi Cherubini Choir
Lirico Marchigiano Vincenzo Bellini Choir
DanzActori Autumn Trilogy
Coproduction Ravenna Festival, Alighieri Theatre of Ravenna, Galli Theatre of Rimini

The carnets can be purchased at the Alighieri Theatre ticket office (via Mariani, 2 Ravenna) or by telephone at the 0544 249244
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