Ravenna: a kaleidoscope of mosaics

From the 6th of October to the 24th of November 2019 Ravenna will host the Biennale of Contemporary Mosaic‘s sixth edition of the.  The prestigious RavennaMosaico event is promoted and organized by the Municipality of Ravenna, with the coordination of MAR– Museo d’Arte della città di Ravenna. This is a truly unique and unmissable opportunity for all the lovers of this ancient technique, who will be able to meet and appreciate original works of artists from all over the world, all gathered in Ravenna for this important event.  The most suggestive places of Ravenna will be open to local and international artists: monuments, museums, cloisters and other key spaces of the city that is always been considered the absolute capital of mosaic will become exceptional galleries in which ancient and contemporary art will meet to converse among themselves and produce wonderful objects of art.

On this occasion, MAR– Museo d’Arte della città di Ravenna will host two major exhibitions: “Chuck Close – mosaics”, curated by Daniele Torcellini and “Riccardo Zangelmi – Forever young” curated by Davide Caroli.

Since the early 1970s, the artist Chuck Close is internationally famous for his portraits, usually realized on a monumental scale starting from photographs. During his career he explored a wide range of techniques, processes and materials: the use of mosaic started after his involvement in the public art project for the New York Metro. The “Subway portraits” series consists of twelve mosaic and ceramic works commissioned by the Arts & Design programme of the Metropolitan Transport Authority in 2017. The exhibition in Ravenna will present a new series of mosaic works, accompanied by related works such as prints, tapestries and photographs, and will document the work carried out by Mosaika Art and Design and Magnolia editions for the realization of the works installed in the Second Avenue-86th Street Station in New York City.

The works of Riccardo Zangelmi, the only Italian artist certified byLEGO® Professional, allow us to be child once again. His exhibition is a creative journey through objects, memories and fantasies related to the world of childhood, thanks to over twenty works made with over 800 thousand LEGO® bricks of different sizes and colors. To celebrate the city of Ravenna, this eclectic artist has created a sculpture depicting Dante Alighieri. Both exhibitions will be open until January 12, 2020.

But that’s not all! There are many other initiatives planned in the city:

  • Palazzo rasponi dalle Teste will host “Opere dal Mondo“, the traditional exhibition/competition curated by AIMC (International Association of Contemporary Mosaic Artists) with a selection of works by international artists; this edition could only have a Dantesque theme in view of the 7th centenary from the death of the Great Poet, that will be in 2021.
  • The magnificent Classense Library will open all its spaces for the Biennale, and there the Fine Arts Academy of Ravenna will present a project entitled “Incursioni“: an interweaving of stories in which visitors can follow the threads of many new creative experiences lived by the youngest artists in the mosaic indursty.
  • The newest Classis – Museum of the City and the Territory, inaugurated one year ago, will host the exhibition “Tessere di mare – dal mosaico antico alla copia moderna“: an exposition of Roman sea-themed floor mosaics. The exhibition will include important mosaics from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, from the archaeological area of Populonia and  also some copies of ancient mosaics from the Maestro Severo Bignami Collection. In particular, there will be a mosaic dating back to the first century B.C. coming from the Faun House of Pompeii and belonging to the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.
  • In the end, the prestigious National Museum of Ravenna that has recently readapted its beautiful works will present “Intersezioni“: a collection of contemporary mosaic installations curated by Luca Freschi and Sara Vasini.

For further information: www.ravennamosaico.it

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