This month i would like to tell you about one of the most beautiful exhibitions that is now held in Italy, dedicated to the great Giovanni Boldini, an important painter from Ferrara who lived between the 1800s and 1900s. Just this year, his city decided to honor him by exposing the most important paintings made by the one that has been defined the “painter of modern women” by critics. The exhibition is held in the beautiful Palazzo dei Diamanti, in the historic center of Ferrara.

A unique and incredible opportunity to discover the different links between art, fashion and literature: a suggestive travel through the sophisticated and sparkly atmospheres of Paris’s Belle Époque between wonderful dresses, precious and extravagant items, vintage books, shoes, fans and unique hats. Also works of art by Sargent, Paul Helleu and De Nittis, along with engravings and paintings by Degas and Manet, contribute to enrich this beautiful exhibition. By observing the wonderful works exposed until June we will be able to notice the deep mark left by Boldini in the imagination of thousand photographer, stylists and costume designers from the 1900s, like Armani, Dior and  John Galliano, that have drawn inspiration from his art for their creations. Glamour, aesthetic and provocation are the ingredients of this uniqe collection of dresses, fashionably worn by noblewomen and princesses. Elegance and femininity, together with an absolutely provocative poise, challenge the society of that period and return to women their female essence.

Between the most significative works you can find the beautiful Madame Charles Max (1), directly from the musee d’Orsay in Paris: John Galliano per Christian Dior will be inspired directly from her in 2005 for his fall-winter collection, to honor the female ideal of the Maison’s founder.
You will also find the beautiful horsewoman in black, captured while riding at Bois de Boulogne with her hat and riding crop, made in 1880 and coming from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. This picture combines a trasgressive behaviour and an extremely elegant piose, both enclosed in a singular woman. The horsewoman’s dress is also the only female grament that was exclusively tailored by gents’ outfitters at the time.
But most of all you will be attracted by the wonderful Lady in pink (2), made in 1990: this woman is wearing a softer and less revealing dress, but still very sophisticated and seductive, like all the dresses worn by the women that had the luck to be depicted by Boldini.
Even today, the creations of Jeanne Lanvin’s Maison (a famous stylist) are directly inspired by the skilled and winding brushstrokes of Giovanni Boldini, a fashion genious that has dug very deep down the female soul to extract all its essence.
Also other works as the Divine Woman in blue, Lina Bilitis with two pekingese (3) and the wonderful Count Robert de Montesquiou, contribute to make this exhibition a can’t-miss event of the National and European art scene, for everyone who’s passionate about art and fashion.

I’m waiting for you in Ferrara, between lace, doilies and crinolines!! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed…

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