Thirty years of Ravenna Festival

On the 26th of January, the XXX edition of Ravenna Festival has been presented. This event is the flagship of Ravenna, and has become a symbol of its culture.

On the high and open sea
Thirty Years of Festival
5 june – 16 july |
Autumn Trilogy 1-10 november

Since it is a thoroughfare for trade and cultures, Ravenna is a very important maritime city for both the Adriatic coast and the Mediterranean coast: every year the festival adopts a new theme, involving people, history and culture in all their aspects. This year’s theme is the sea: the “high and open sea” that unites and divides, but at the same time that binds us through and indissoluble thread of shared experiences and paths.

We must also talk about Dante, because the seventh centenary of
his death is coming up, and about Odysseus – who came back to Ithaca but couldn’t aim off his sense of adventure and discovery and went back over the “high and open sea” (Inf. XXVI, 100) – until he got to Greece. Also Athens will be an important point of this Festival’s thirtieth edition: this city is the metaphor for a journey which brings us back to the roots of western civilization. In the end, we cannot forget about the eastern culture, which is always present even if sometimes could be hidden. This thirtieth edition travels through the Mediterranean routes in the open sea, reminding us how terrible exile could be: in his time, Dante lived this tragic experience, but sadly exile is still a critical topic today.

Are you ready to come aboard with us for a new adventurous navigation “on the high and open sea”?

The XXX edition starts on the 5th of june with an 
exclusive exhibition of two iconic musicians, Riccardo Muti and Maurizio Pollini, for the inaugural concert, and continues its journey around the Mediterranean until it reaches Athens on the Roads of Friendship, always led by Riccardo Muti in a symbolic embrace of fraternity and community among people. The orchestra will also play Ludwig Van Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, to pay tribute to this great musician with his true musical masterpiece, declared “memory of the world” by Unesco in 2001. Among the featured artists there will also be Leōnidas Kavakos, Emmanuelle Krivine and the Labèque sisters, while the Hamburg Ballett John Neumeier, the Martha Graham Dance Company and the grand gala Les Étoiles will entertain us with amazing dance exhibitions. Also the legendary drummers Stewart Copeland and Nick Mason, respectively from Police and Pink Floyd, will perform at the festival. Finally, from Ben Harper’s West Coast groove we will move to Goran Bregovic´’s Balkan music.

Every Sunday mornings the journey continues in the beautiful scenarios of Ravenna’s basilicas with Tallis Scholars, offering you an absolutely unique experience. Every day the festival offers lots of concerts and, from 7 PM, you shouln’t absolutely miss the Vespers at San Vitale. Also Dante’s “Purgatorio” by Marco Martinelli and Ermanna Montanari is a can’t miss event, especially after the great success of “Inferno” two years ago: this is a suggestive representation made specifically for the city of Ravenna, where Dante spent his final years and where he was buried. Finally, different Dante-themed performances will also take place  in the Franciscan cloisters.

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