Classis: a trip back in time from Ravenna’s origins to the Early Middle Ages

The 1st of December was a very important day for the city of Ravenna and for Italian culture: thousands of people attended the grand opening of “Classis“, a museum born in the same area where, until the 8th century, stood the ancient and important Roman port of Classe. “Classis”, which is Latin for navy, is the name of this new cutting-edge museum of European-level significance for the exposed works of art, partly from the ancient port and from other churches in the area, and for the characteristic multimedia approach chosen by curators, testifying in this way the history of Ravenna from the very beginning until the early Middle ages.

The Town and Territory Museum describes the developement of this wonderful area over the years, known all over the word as the city of mosaics, but really today is enriched by another witness of its amazing past as ancient roman and byzantine capital. For centuries Ravenna has been one of the Mediterranean’s most important centres: the etruscan and umbrian origins, the ancient roman times, the Goth phase, the byzantine age and the Early Middle Ages are magnificently retraced inside this beautiful industrial archeology site. Near wondelful artistic treasures like statues and mosaics you can admire ancient amphorae, ceramics, coins, and a particular attention has been reserved for student education, mostly for schools of all types and levels.

From the museum you can easily reach the other sections of Classe’s archeological park: the basilica dedicated to Sant’ Apollinare, the first bishop of Ravenna and its patron saint, with its amazing byzantine mosaics and the Ancient Port, one of the most important stopovers during the roman and byzantine ages.

I have told you about this new museum to give you an update but mostly because it will be a new itinerary that will help you to further deepen your knowledge about the city; a very advantageous combined ticket will allow you to visit this new site. In this way, children and adullts will be able to visit the ancient byzantine capital through lots of witnesses and important insights regarding the city’s developement and growth, its navy and maritime history. An other itinerary has been added to those already offered on my website, and will start with special discounts and reduced fares.

An other piece has been added to the wonderful kaleidoscope of Ravenna, city of mosaics and now also maritime town. In fact, water is an essential element of the city’s history…



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