This week I would like to tell you about the Eel Festival, a can’t-miss event taking place every year in the wonderful lagoon of Comacchio from the 28th of September to the 14th of October. This unique festival attracts hundreds of tourists every time, both foreign and italian, who crowd this town in the province of Ferrara during every fall, and has always been an integral part of Ravenna’s territory and culture, besides being one of Italy’s capitals for farming and eel processing: the “Queen of the Valleys”.

The town festival focuses exactly on this thousand-year-tradition of the eel consumption: it is possible to taste the traditional seafood in the different gastronomic stands, while in the restaurants of the city centre, the most curious will have the chance to taste new and more elaborate dishes in maritime theme. A stopover at the gastronomic stand of Via Fattibello is a must for every tourist who visits this festival, where for this occasion the sailors leave the boats and the sea and turn into chefs, attracting hundreds of tourists with their famous seafood.

An other leading attraction is the Pickling Factory (picture above): an historic company whose tradition has contributed to enhance the developement of Comacchio from the early 1900s.
It is also possible to organise guided tours of the factory and take part in the Tasting Room of its typical products.

The Fire Room is the heart of the Pickling Factory, with its 12 chimney in operation from October to December, where the eel slices are cooked (head and tail are removed) and stuck into long skewers. It is really fascinating to visit these historical venues where this ancient tradition has been maintained over the years.
After cooking, in the Vinegars’ Room, the fish slices are covered by brine for the pickling. This is the best place to buy canned marinated eel and other specialities like “acquadelle” and anchoives.

But this Comacchio festival isn’t focused only on fishery products: the historical centre of the city becomes a big outdoor market, with agricultural products, typical local products, handcraft, artifacts, gastronomy, sweets.
It is also possible to organise excursions in the Po Delta Park: 8oo square kilometers of biodiversity and unspoiled nature make it a place of pilgrimage for all nature-lovers from around Europe.
I’m waiting for you in Comacchio until the 14th of October! You can book a guided tour through the WEBSITE PORTAL, do not miss the chance to visit this venetian-charm town not too far from Ravenna, and taste its goodies!

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