Ravenna, thanks to its age-old history and its amazing early-Christian and byzantine mosaics, is one of the favourite and most suitable destinations for a scholastic audience, pleasantly surprising and marveling it with the richness of its cultural heritage, particularly with its 8 Unesco world heritage monuments, so declared in 1996.

This year’s biggest news will be the opening of the “Classis” museum, in the same area where, until the 8th century, stood the ancient and important roman port of Classe.
“Classis”, which is Latin for navy, is the name of this new cutting-edge museum of European-level significance for the exposed works of art, partly from the ancient port and from other churches in the area, and for the characteristic multimedia approach chosen by curators, testifying in this way the history of Ravenna from the very beginning until the early Middle ages.

Anyway, I’m telling you about this new and interesting museum because it will be one of the free-entry sites for kids under the age of 18.
In this way, kids will be able to visit the ancient byzantine capital without any additional costs besides those of the trip.

The wonderful byzantine Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe, erected in the first half of the VI century in honour of Ravenna’s first bishop, the ancient port of Classe and the “Classis” museum are already a very interesting and exhaustive itinerary of Ravenna’s history, right where the ancient mosaic technique found the best way to express itself and to establish its fame all over the world.

To these monuments can be also added a visit to the Battistero Ariano, the Mausoleum of Theodoric (the king of the Goths) and the Church of San Francesco, where in 1321 took place the funerals of Dante Alighieri and where you can find a beautiful flooded crypt populated by some goldfish (one of kids’ favourite sites!!). At the end of the tour it is also possible to visit a mosaic workshop where you will be able to see the mosaic workers while following the ancient secrets of this fascinating technique. (Here you can find a more detailed description of all the abovementioned sites –> https://www.cinziatittarelli.it/en/itinerari/ravenna-half-day-without-entrance-fee/)

In conclusion, on the itineraries section of my website you will find some guided tours without entrance fees for kids, allowing them to come back home with the light in their eyes due to the byzantine mosaics’ beauty.

The knowledge’s pleasure and the curiosity should never miss in every one of us, especially in those who are going to start a fundamental course of studies for their human and professional growth.
I’m waiting for you in Ravenna, where together we’ll discover mosaic art in all its facets!

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