Ravenna kids“, the series of guided tours for children, is restarting from the 20th of August!
History is not made to be studied on a school book, we must exploit children’s innate curiosity and encourage them to firsthand learning so they get used, since childhood, to know, discover and explore the world around them.
After last year’s success I’m happy to reintroduce “Ravenna kids”: the tour includes some of the most significant monuments of Ravenna and will allow children to learn about the glorious byzantine past and the prestige of the Western Roman Empire’s former capital.

The guided tour follows a predetermined path through Mausoleum of Galla Placidia (1) and Basilica of San Vitale (2), both regarded as UNESCO Heritage stites, and Church of San Francesco (3): each one of these monuments has a special feature, making it fascinating to children of any age and leaving them enchanted by the mosaics glitz of Galla Placidia and the majesty of San Vitale, but the most striking monument is always basilica of San Francesco, where the funeral of Dante took place and where today you can visit a spectacular flooded crypt full of goldfish.
It is also possible to walk through the cloisters of the “silent zone”, where we will try to identify two unique bronze statues and we will visit the tomb of Dante (4) so that children can have a first contact with the great poet. Then, we will stop in Piazza del Popolo, where children will be able to learn more about the historic buildings and enjoy a well-deserved ice cream!

Once the tour is over, if you’d like to further deepen your knowledge, it is possible to visit a mosaic workshop, where you’ll have the chance to make a little work of art with your hands! Do not miss this chance to give your children a 2 hours full-immersion into Ravenna’s history, to stimolate their will to learn and curiosity: the Ravenna kids promotion cost €12 for adults plus the €8,50 entrance fee (cumulative for 5 Unesco Heritage monuments and valid for 6 days), children under 10 have free acces to the monuments and the price of the guided tour is €8.

At the end of the guided tour a funny gadget will be given to children in memory of this experience!

(1)                                                                                               (2)

(3)                                                                                             (4)

For further information and to book this tour you can click here —  > https://www.cinziatittarelli.it/en/itinerari/ravenna-youngsters/

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