Ravenna digital city: what do you think about?

Digital city was born from the idea of a team of experts in the sector of the digital promotion which have immediately thought, noticing the naturalness wherewith today we use the newest technologies, to an interactive showcase that could change our habits to look for and to find information. They have imagined the possibility to directly inform and inquire “from the road” with a free tool available for everybody, so the idea has been turned into the planning of a new form of communication.

The project is based on the use of the technology of interactive showcases to make information and advertising in Ravenna.
With a capacitive technology positionabile behind any glass, the existing showcases are transformed in great displays usable from the outside with the simple touch of a finger.

The business of Digital City is divided in two segments:

Info-advertising circuit division: from April 2013 (only 2 months after the installation of 250 interactive showcases in New York!) a national network has been created. It’s composed by local circuits of interactive showcases (Info-Point) placed in the most populated points of the cities, to give institutional, tourist and commercial information (events, historical points of interest in the outskirts, services, promotions.) to citizens and tourists divided into 64 categories (es. Food, Shopping, what to do/see, Amusements…), and available in 6 languages with geolocation and contact forms.

The application dedicated to the info-advertising circuits allows every advertiser to insert and manage the contents from remote and with any device, both institutional and commercial, with the possibility to modify his own messages in total autonomy. The insertions contain videos, fotogallery, texts, promotions, maps, rotating spots and produce QR codes that refer to socials, websites etc.

Retail division: sale (or operating rental) of personalized interactive solutions, from the single point of sale to vertical networks, with special projects and dedicated information channels.

It surely concerns a great innovation considering that we speak about informations available online and on 5 Info-Points (and very soon on a sixth available also for those people who are on a wheelchair), displaced in the points of major pedestrian traffic of the city centre, available free for everyone 24/7.

And also you, what about trying to use these new technologies in the city, to be constantly informed about the things to see and the activities to do in Ravenna? It is very amusing and very functional to guide you among the variety of offers present… surely a real and great innovation for our city!!

For any further information: Ravenna – città digitale

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