Special offers from October 01st to December 31st

mosaicoWhat about visiting “the city of mosaics” in this season?!!

We are very lucky because weather is still fine to visit art cities and nice villages giving us the opportunity to fave fun and to relax.

Therefore I prepared for you some special offers that I will be sure you will appreciate!!

They are particularly interesting and very cheap!!

Families with children could enjoy a guided tour where the second child will pay ticket to Ravenna monuments only (euro 8,50), while guided tour will be free.

Children will be very happy to discover many anedoctes concerning historical characters represented in the beautiful mosaics panels !!

Besides it is also possibile to visit a mosaic workshop in order to learn all mosaic secrets. In this way our tour will be highly instructive and enchanting. For additional details please have a look here https://www.cinziatittarelli.it/en/itinerari/ravenna-youngsters/

Young couples who could also taste the best romagnola cuisine in many typical restaurants in the city centre, have the possibility to visit Ravenna paying the half of second fee, while tour operators will pay the basic price only.

Ravenna has a glorious past and it has been defined the city of art “par excellence”.

In 1996 Unesco has declared 8 monuments as World Heritage Sites thanks to its huge cultural and artistic value.

Most probably also Dante Alighieri Tomb will be added to this impressive list. In fact the great poet and “father of italian language” spent in Ravenna last 3 years of his life writing just here the Divine Comedy, his masterpiece well-kown all over the world!

For this reason Ravenna has been called  “the last refugee of Dante”!

Here are the monuments which we will visit together:

In the  Basilica  of San Vitale ( VI cent.),  Mausoleum  of roman empress Galla Placidia  (V cent.) the Catholic Baptistery and in the church of  Sant’Apollinare Nuovo are depicted the most beautiful mosaics of Early Christian and Byzantine Art. Ravenna was in the past 3 times capital:  capital of West Roman Empire (beg. V cent.) with the emperor Honorius and capital of East Roman Empire with Justinian (half VI cent.).

You can choose also an itinerary without any  fees!! You will be astonished by mosaics magic as well!!

So I am waiting for you to show you the beauties of “my” Ravenna and I am sure you will wish to come back here again!!


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