Ravenna Guided Tours on the occasion of Golden Night: 08 October 2016

Summer is ending but joy and carefreeness are still alive in this beautiful season which is autumn rich in friendliness and charme. Autumn will give us once again good opportunities to have fun and entertainment!

In Ravenna on 08 october 2016 1oth Edition of  Golden Night will take place!!

Many cultural different events in the most characteristic places in the city will give you  adults and children the possibility to listen to good music or poetry tasting Romagna typical food and a glass of Sangiovese!

Do not miss the concert by Nada the famous italian singer in the city main square Piazza del Popolo.

Guest of honour of “Ravennapoetry” will be Dacia Maraini writer and poetess together with many other writers, letcturers and also digital marathons.

It will be a very nice and interesting week end from every point of view. ….


The gold of autumn leaves reminds of the gold sparkling of byzantine mosaics as you could see in the wonderful churches of Basilica of San Vitale and Sant’Apollinare Nuovo.

Also the famous painter Gustav Klimt (1862-19818) was enchanted by them !!

In 1903 he visited Ravenna and he was dazzled by the light coming from mosaics tesserae and he wrote a letter to his mother where he said: “Here in Ravenna mosaics are really amazing”!

My guided tours (half /whole day or evening tour) will start with the basilica of San Vitale where you could well understand the deep meaning of early-christian and byzantine art which here in Ravenna reached the greatest importance during V-VI cent. a.C.

Then we will visit the Mausoleum of roman empress Galla Placidia

The mausoleum  is dominated by a wonderful starred sky composed by 570 golden stars set as precious stones in thedome surrounded by Evangelists symbols.

Next monument will be the Catholic Baptistery which is one of the most ancient monument in Ravenna and it is situated near the Cathedral.

In the dome the Baptism of Christ is represented and the procession of 12 Apostles advance slowly rythmizing their pace towards a cross on a throne.

In the church of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo the procession of 22 virgins and 26 martyrs seem to levitate on a green lawn towards the altar capturing visitors imagination.

In case you choose one full day guided tour you could also visit the basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe at about 4 km from Ravenna, the mausoleum of King Teoderico, the Baptistery of Arians and Dante Alighieri Tomb.

Besides the Domus of Stone Carpets, Rasponi Family Cript/Garden with mosaics pavement from the church of San Severo – VI cent. a.C. are waiting for you to show their beauty and uniqueness!!


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