5 good reasons to choose Cinzia as a Tour Guide

Maybe you are wondering why you should choose just me Cinzia as your Tour  Guide. I can give you no. 5 good reasons!  Please read my posts herebelow and then tell me what do you think about!

My deep love for my region: Emilia Romagna

I love and know this territory very well where I grew up and live. It’s a territory rich in art, nature, history  and culture. In fact Emilia Romagna is ia diversified region situated among Pianura Padana The Apennines and the Adriatic Sea.

It’s a sweet and prosperous land where the differences of natural environment and man’s life live together. Besides art treasures and nature will surprise you: I am sure you will be amazed!

I am a curious person

I am very curious and this is very important to be a Tour Guide: in this way only I can  worm out art’s secrets and then try to discover subliminal messages which are closed inside..

My taste for good food

Emilia Romagna is so famous for its long tradition concerning local cuisine which is appreciated all over the world. It is so famous also for its hospitality and the friendliness of its citizens that is considered as one of the most cordial and pleasant region in Italy.  Shopkeepers are the heirs  to the traditional courtesy shown by merchants in times gone by. They offer their customers a truly vast variety of products and delicacies. From this incredible culinary culture Emilia Romagna offers the best sausages cheese and above all homemade pasta: tagliatelle , passatelli cannelloni lasagne  torta di riso (rice cake) are only some among the innumerable dishes tourists can enjoy. The whole region is a veritable ode to the culture of food and abundance.   “Piadina” is the queen in Romagna since Middle Ages: a sort of bread without baking powder. It is very good with squacquerone (soft cheese) salami and caramelized figs. We say: at table we will never grow old!

My passion for art

Emilia Romagna has been for many many centuries an important crossroads  of goods and culture which left extraordinary  heritage: from early Christian art masterpieces till to very famous byzantine mosaics.  Furthermore castles  and nice medieval villages which characterized the Middle Ages… You can also enjoy nature in wonderful natural surroundings of the Po Delta and Vena del Gesso Romagnola, Chalk Vein regional parks . You can discover also a 50 km long beach of golden sand.

I am always on a trip … also with my mind.

I love travelling very  much, discovering new horizons: this a great opportunity to meet people coming from everywhere. My knowledge of three foreign languages helps me to discover new worlds and to make friends who often I meet after the end of the guided tour.

This is the best aspect of my job: cultural exchanges which follow from new acquaintances and experiences allows me to travel even with my fantasy!

Now you can say you know me just a little more…feel free to contact me for any information you may need and please book a guided tour with me!!  I will be very happy to help you…Thank you !!


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